pico rip-off?

2009-10-03 00:42:18 by SmoG878

If anyone has seen that show called 'chaotik' then you'd know one of the main charecters 'Kaz' looks very similar to Pico of newgrounds, but with slight diferences. First, Kaz has a vest with a short sleved shirt. Pico has no vest with a long sleve shirt. Kaz's pants are karky green while Pico's are cream-ish. But what really got me was the orange hair and green shirt. I straight away thought there was a big similarity. Anyone else got an opinon?
Pico redesign by chris gianelloni:pico

pico rip-off?


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2009-10-12 07:24:04

ah shit I did notice that AHahahhahahaaa!!!!!!!!!


2009-11-09 01:29:11

hahaha, yea never noticed that until now. O.o