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thinking about picking up animations again...

2012-07-02 08:48:31 by SmoG878

it's been a while since i've been messing around with flash 'n whatnot, but i'm hoping to start again and posting some of my longer vids here.

don't hold your breath XD

thinking about picking up animations again...

pico rip-off?

2009-10-03 00:42:18 by SmoG878

If anyone has seen that show called 'chaotik' then you'd know one of the main charecters 'Kaz' looks very similar to Pico of newgrounds, but with slight diferences. First, Kaz has a vest with a short sleved shirt. Pico has no vest with a long sleve shirt. Kaz's pants are karky green while Pico's are cream-ish. But what really got me was the orange hair and green shirt. I straight away thought there was a big similarity. Anyone else got an opinon?
Pico redesign by chris gianelloni:pico

pico rip-off?

heavy metal request

2009-09-11 09:36:35 by SmoG878

I need someone to make a heavy/thrash metal themed version of my only audio submission. I just got a brilliant spark of an idea and I think my music would sound soooooo cool if it was re-verted into a really loud kind-of rock-metal song, like one of those song's you'd hear at the beginning of all those epic stick fights...OOPS! i've said too much...
So, anyone willing to take it up?

So yeah, i've made a demo of my demo for my RHG 'Pagde' but it's kinda crappy cuz i'm a n00b animator, so now it's youtube 's problem!
But i ponder on whether to put this on Newgrounds or not. Can the public decide for me?

fail gif is fail

2009-07-12 08:56:08 by SmoG878

Yay, i made a new gif! It was made in about 10 minutes and i saved whenever i could ;P
I followed hyun's stick tutorial and i think my animating skills are sowly improving :)
it might be a bit fail, or make that lotta fail, but it's my 3rd gif ever after the circle moving from left to right and my gif of rayd00d saying 'wha?!'

fail gif is fail

ARGH! Stupid emulator!

2009-07-09 05:41:46 by SmoG878

first of all, i hope i don't get banned for talking about roms.
now onto buisness.
I was downloading ZNES and 'Bubsy close encounters of a furred kind'. I can't get past the level 1 introduction where he says 'what could possibly go wrong?'. I can press start to go from the very 1st menu to it but after that, no matter what i press doesn't work!

I can go to the options menu on the very 1st menu and change some settings or enter a password.
I've tried downloading the rom and the emulator from different sources but still the same problem. I can work other roms perfectly fine with no problems. What button combo or whatever must i press to get past the freaking lvl 1 intro?!?!

ps: (plz don't ban me for this. I can't get help anywhere else)


2009-07-02 04:15:17 by SmoG878


float. is a single frame from my comic: the 3 douchebags
Well the comic WAS A3 and it's kinda very hard scanning that monstrosity on an A4 scanner which to be honest, really isn't A4 at all (with all the angle problems 'n such). This is for my art class btw. I had to colour one frame with pencils or oil paints and photoshop another.
Put yourself against the ultimite test and try guess which one this is.

(i'll give you a hint: it starts with 'p' and ends with 'hotoshop'....OH NO! THEY'VE FOUND ME! I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY'VE FOUND ME! RUN FOR IT WHILST YOU STILL CAN....)
The frame is of Jeff the deer who is cartoon-ish-ed-ly-ing-buh floating towards a hypnotic scent of some kind.

I went ahead and *cough* "borrowed" that whole 'scenery have eyes' thing from the mario games.
If one word describes my comic best, it is...AWESOME!
[edit] Oh, and reguarding my skit idea for 'PIN: The movie' i've changed it into a skit for my bigger fish-frying collab in the making.


needless to say, i haven't played in about 4 years. So i'm at the battle frontier and i've whiped myself up 2 symbols in 1 week. I'm at the battle arena and i've gotten a 21 row streak. Then on the 4th streak-3rd battler i was owned by a guy who had a nidoking which used horn drill TWICE!!!
Anyone else not think this is fair? Also, post here your battle frontier epic fail stories.

i are feeling sad ;_;

2009-06-09 08:21:40 by SmoG878

I keep getting shit in all my tests this year. I moved up to extremely smart classes and though the preasure is on i still feel sad when i get low marks. I have excuses for everything:
Math is ok but our teacher ditched us for 2 weeks and our sub made us finish a whole chapter on factorising quadratics without bothering to teach us anything! just gives us the low-down on what to do and bam! doesn't give a crap after that. My normal teacher's alright tho.
History i a piece of shit. All we ever do is learn about boring stuff in a boring way. Textbooks and worksheets and oh, if you don't do your homework, you're screwed then! Fuck.
Geography isn't geography. It's 'Social Science' according to them. NO ON FUCKING CARES!!! My geo teacher is a prick. He marks terribly and marked me down by 16 just because my essay wasn't to his standards. Fuck him!
Pe is easy.
Art is super kewl.
Music is easy.
Science is full of shit. My teacher this year was my teacher in 8th grade, and he didn't put me in the gifted classes for 9-10. i was outraged cuz that was the only subject i wasn't in g'n't for! now i'm back for revenge, but he still marks me shit. I got 36/60 for an assignment (which is worth 60% btw) which had so many complications. I was moving at the time, i had to make countless changes, i was under enormous preassure AND i got to miss out on the one time NG ever came to Australia ;_;
But English class is the biggest piece of shit i've ever encountered in my entire life. I got marked down on my big test sooo much i can't really argue. I've always sucked at english.
But the real problem is that i can't do jack-squat about it! I got shit marks and my report card is gonna come back populated by C's and a die-ing race of B's. And i feel depressed because how can i dream if i'm not worthy? I can't pass a few measly tests and my parents are gonna kill me. I'm not worthy of opening my pokemon platinum because i told myself not to open it until i get above 90% on a test for a subject i suck at.
I are feeling sad ;_; (man, i gotta stop treating my profile page like twitter)

Project: P.I.N

2009-05-16 10:43:53 by SmoG878

Project: P.I.N is a flash animation i will eventually post to the portal. Based on an inside joke me and my friends made about metal gear. I done the recording with my new headset microphone (even though it's terrible) the submission will probably be blammed unless i can make the art worthwhile to compensate for it's 1 minute-ness.
So, yeah, i'll work on that untill i'll get it done, juggling it in 'n out of school tests and other crap.
so 'till it's out, l8rs!